Legal Notices of Juva Tours revised on March 3rd 2017

These Legal Notices are advised to be read before you use our website.
It is understood between Juva Tours and the client that any reservation made through our website is subject to the client’s agreement to these Legal Notices in full.
These Legal Notices contain the entire agreement and understanding between Juva Tours and its customers. There are no oral understandings, terms and conditions not contained in the followings articles. All prior understandings, terms and conditions are deemed merged in the following Legal Notices.

Article 1: Definitions

The terms defined in this Article shall for all purposes of these Legal Notices have the meanings herein specified:
“This website” refers to the website
“Us”, “we”, “ours” shall refer to Juva Tours.
“Client”, “customer”, “you”, “your” shall refer to all of the customers or potential customers of Juva Tours, making reservation through our website.
The word “services” should refer to the implementation of the tour our client ordered.

Article 2: Identity is a virtual travel agency dedicated to any tourist interested in visiting Armenia, owned and operated by Juva Tours LLC, a Limited Liability Corporation, whose registered office is at 52 Sevak Str., Vanadzor, Armenia.
Phone number: +374 93 50 02 42.
Identification Number: N/A.
VAT registration number: In Progress.
Registered trademark: Juva Tours.

Please refer to our “About Juva Tours” section to learn more about our ethic and values.

Article 3: Description of the services offered

Juva Tours offers four (4) different types of services:
– A one day tour of Yerevan city, the capital of Armenia, that is for free,
– Services to hire a car with an English or Russian speaker driver, for which prices will be released on demand for they will vary according to the type of car, itinerary and duration of the trip,
– Featured tours from 3 to 14 days, which are all described in detailed in our “All Tours” section. The prices mentioned in the said section are always in Euros and include overnight stays outside of Yerevan, breakfasts, lunches, car hiring, tickets for visit purposes and the guide’s pay and expenses.
– Finally, offers to our customers the option of designing their own tour, in which case obviously a specific quotation will be made for the prices will vary according to the number of people, the itinerary and the duration of the trip.

We reserve the right to change our prices. If changes occur, those changes will reflect in the “All Tours” page of this website.

Article 4: Reservation Process

To reserve a tour on our website, you must be over 18 (eighteen) years old.

The reservation process unfolds as follow:
While designing your own tour or reading about one of our featured (free or payable) tours, you are welcome to fill in the requested form (displayed on the right side of the page in the second case). All fields are mandatory for us to be able to send you a precise quotation.

Concerning our free tour, our team commits to confirm the booking of the said tour in a timely manner.

For payable tours, our team engages to answer you by email in a timely manner with a detailed quotation.
You are free to agree or disagree to the said quotation.

No commitment is made on your part or ours until the retainer payment has been made and confirmed to us.
If you agree to the quotation, our team will ask you to send us by email your agreement to the present Legal notices, then will send you by email the company’s bank account information for you to make a transfer or our PayPal information if this second way of payment suits you better.

You are able to make a bank transfer by going to your bank or directly from your online bank account if you have one. In case of a transfer, the transfer fees are at the client’s expenses and will not be deduced from the global amount indicated in the quotation.
The PayPal type of payment, set up by EBay (online shopping) allows you to buy safely online, without showing your credit card information, in a time efficient manner, all over the world. You need to set up your PayPal account on first before you can make a payment through PayPal on our website.

The required retainer fees represent 20% of the global tour quotation.
For payable tours, please note that once and only once the payment has been received and confirmed should you consider that your tour is booked.

The remaining 80% of the global quotation for your payable tour are required to be paid on the first day of your tour, by cash in Armenian Drams (AMD).
In case of troubles encountered during the reservation process, or to change any data relative to your booking, please feel free to contact us at

Article 5: Right to cancel

As to the Consumer Protection Regulation 2000 from the UE, you have 7 (seven) open days from the day after the contract was concluded (it is to say after the retainer payment has been made and confirmed to us) to cancel your reservation. You must advise us of your cancellation will in writing or in another durable medium such as e-mail. The effective date of cancellation under the Distance Selling Regulations is the date on which you give us written notice. The termination will be effective on the first Armenian working day after you notice us in writing (by e-mail to this address: of your will to terminate.
The 80% left to pay on your quotation will not be due.
However, our team beginning its work for the organization of your tour right after the contract was concluded, the 20% retainer fees cannot be refundable.

In case of cancellation after the said seven (7) days, or if the client does not show up on the first day or in the following days of her (his) tour, a written notice will be sent to the client by email, requesting the payment of all non-refundable costs engaged by Juva Tours, depending on the policies of our providers.
This payment is due to be made to us within fourteen (14) open days after the written notice has been sent (the day on which we receive the proof of payment being considered as the day of payment), by bank transfer or PayPal, as described in the section 4 of these Legal notices. However, the retainer fees are not refundable and cannot be deduced of the newly due amount.
After the said fourteen (14) days, an interest rate of 3% will be applied to the global amount due for each late day.
Any breach of this article will give rise to litigation.

Article 6: Right to changes before services started

At any time after the contract was concluded you can contact us to make changes in your tour. Because the organization of the tour does not depend only on us (Accommodation, meals, drivers and/or guide schedules…), those changes are submitted to approval of our team.
Under the condition of such approval, if price changes occur, a new quotation will be presented to you by email.
However, the 20% retainer fees already paid are not refundable, nor will we ask you for a second retainer payment.

Article 7: Right to changes after services started (on the site)

At any time after the contract was concluded you can contact us to make changes in your tour. Because the organization of the tour does not depend only on us (Accommodation, meals, drivers and/or guide schedules…), those changes are submitted to approval of our team.
Under the condition of such approval, if price changes occur, a new quotation will be presented to you by email. The possible additional fees are required to be paid within 24h hours after you agreed to the new quotation, by cash in Armenian Drams (AMD).
The cancellation of one or several members registered in your reservation can give right, if possible (depending on our providers policy), to a refund, by cash in Armenian Drams (AMD).

Article 8: Changes made by Juva Tours

If, before our services have begun, an external event makes us change an essential component of your tour, we will advise you of such modification as soon as possible by email and will offer you other options for your tour. In the event you decide to deny such options, you will have a full right to cancel our contract and our retainer fees will be refund within thirty (30) open days. You have seven (7) open days to advise us of your will to cancel.

Juva Tours cannot be made responsible for any external event changing essential components of your tour while our services started. However, we will do our best to refund all of the refundable costs of your tour (depending on our providers’ policy).

Article 9: Handover of your contract

The client is entitled to handover her (his) contract with Juva Tours to a third person who would have the same tour specifics.
You have to inform us in writing by e-mail of your decision to handover at least seven (7) days before the services begin.

Article 10: Customers services

Juva Tours wants all of its clients to be happy with its services. With your help, we wish to improve permanently our tours. This is why at the end of your tour we will ask you for an objective evaluation of our services.
Nevertheless, should you have any question, complain, technical issue with the website or improvement recommendation about our services, please feel free to contact us through the following email

Article 11: Veracity and protection of your personal data

As a tour operator, we need personal data from our customers to be able to process their requests.
The client commits to give only trustworthy and accurate information about her (him).
It is your responsibility to inform us in writing and before the contract has been concluded about any specific likely to affect the tour we are organizing for you (disability, children, musical instrument, animal…).
However, you are entitled to send us notice to change or remove all data related to you. We engage to protect those data by neither selling nor renting it to any organization or external company.

Article 12: Safety

Juva Tours commits to a serious and professional organization of your tour. It is advised for you to engage in a travel plan insurance covering all aspects of your trip. We would also strongly advise the client not to carry valuables during the trip.
However, Juva Tours cannot be hold responsible for any event occurring during the tour or for any economic loss during or after the reservation process.

Juva Tours will not be hold responsible for any product or service bought by the client during his (her) tour which would not be part of our program.

Article 13: Technical responsibility

You must have the necessary equipment (computer, hardware and software) to use this website.
The use of Internet Explorer in its previous versions (under 8) is not recommended for you could encounter issues in the navigation on our website, in particular in the use of some features or to see some visuals.
The download of Adobe Flash Reader and the activation of Javascript are recommended to be able to read some documents, like the quotation that will be sent to you when you pay your retainer fee.
The provider of the services described in the Article 2 of this section cannot be hold responsible for any technical issue, like interruption or error of our services, brought by your internet connection, or your browser.
However, we will do everything in our power to avoid such technical issues.

Article 14: Contents

The content of this website not directly related to Juva Tours is informative only. It has been compiled from several sources and does not claim to be right, up-to-date or exhaustive.
We advise you to complete that information with your own research.
In any case Juva Tours cannot be hold responsible for the veracity of this information and cannot be liable for any oversight regarding this information.

Article 15: Intellectual Property

This website and all its content, including texts, pictures, trademarks, logo, graphics, database, programs, and other creation are our intellectual property.
Juva Tours only allows you to read’s content on a personal and private level, and use its features as described in the Article 2 of this Section. Public viewing or broadcasting is therefore prohibited. Paper printing is allowed exclusively for private use.
Any use of this website’s content other than the ones described in this article is prohibited and needs the preceding and intentional agreement from Juva Tours.

Article 16: A third person

To sign up a third person on a reservation, you need to obtain her (his) prior consent.
You are personally responsible for the reservation of the person you sign in.

Article 17: Amendments

We reserve the right to bring any change to these Legal Notices. If we do so, the customers currently under the liability of a contract with us (it is to say after the retainer fees have been paid and the payment has been confirmed to us) are not subject to those changes.
For new reservations or current reservations for which the payment of the retainer fees has not been made yet, these modifications shall take immediate effect.

Article 18: The Court of Competent Jurisdiction

This website is edited in Armenia. These Legal Notices shall be governed and construed under the Armenian laws unless specified otherwise.
By contracting with us, you agree to the Legal notices described here above.
Any dispute, whatever its nature, should be discussed exclusively in front of the Court of Competent Jurisdiction in Yerevan (Armenia).