About Armenia

  • The oldest Christian civilization.
  • 360° panoramic landscapes on your road trip.
  • The historical majesty of the Ararat Mountain.
  • A complicated and fascinating history.
  • Lake Sevan, one of the largest sweet water lake on highlands, immaculate and snowy during winter, inspiring poets at spring.
  • Lavash, Khorovats (Armenian barbeque), Bulghur, Kyufta, Spas (yogurt soup), Khash, Byoreks or Khachapuri …: Mediterranean cooking techniques born in a blending of traditions, modernity, and diaspora.
  • Yerevan: an architecture open air museum.
  • Worldwide recognized writers, sculptors, painters, actors, directors…
  • Unceremoniously improvised jazz, blues, drums and rock sessions in the underground bars of the Yerevan night life.
  • Hospitable Caucasian people inviting foreigners to join them, eat or share shots of homemade vodka.
  • Delicious chemical-free fruits and vegetables.
  • A unique coffee, a unique alphabet, a unique musical instrument.


“This country is to remain arguably as the most interesting one on the whole Earth.”
Lord Byron