Is Armenia safe for travellers? Armenians are warm-welcoming people when it comes to deal with foreigners. Armenia is one of the rarest countries to have one of the most homogenous populations. Around 98% of the population is ethnic Armenians and they live in perfect harmony with the ethnic minorities (Yazidis, Assyrians Russian Molokans, Jews…).
Not having met foreigners before especially in the countryside, Armenians are extremely welcoming towards our visitors, they are always eager to help lost travellers, welcoming them to their place and feeding them.

Armenia is rich with its people. For centuries Armenia survived up to our days fighting to preserve its identity, unique art and culture. We did have world famous genius Armenians like Aram Khachatryan, Viktor Hambardzumyan and thanks to them our tiny country is known to the rest of the world.
What about now? What if we miss meeting someone who may change the world in a decade?
Artists, artisans and just ordinary people are the main richness that we have. For a nation of around 3 million people every single person counts with their talent and profession.

In the rapidly developing world we are still lucky to be away from mass industrialisation of agriculture which allows us to have organic food (fruits and vegetables). Armenian cuisine is fresh and subtle where the dominant components are meat and vegetables. It is simple and at the same time fine. You can have a sandwich with fresh herbs and cheese rolled in Armenian bread Lavash which is inscribed in the list of Unesco Intangible Heritage.
More curious and adventurous food lovers can try our haggis-like meals.

Everywhere else it is Eastern coffee but in Armenia it is Armenian coffee. When it comes to coffee Armenians take their time to fully enjoy it with their families, relatives or neighbours. This is a common way to get more connected to each other and share thoughts.

Armenia is simply a paradise for hikers and trekkers or just for nature lovers. About 90% of Armenia’s territory is covered by mountains breath-taking landscapes, 360° panoramic view on your road trip and hidden mountain lakes. Luckily we are still far from mass tourism which lets us still enjoy the untouched beauty of our nature.

From now on Armenian government relies on the creativity and hardworkingness of young Armenians. 2018 was a turning point for Armenia and The Velvet Revolution took place with the impressive motivation and determination of the youth who stood up for protests in order to create the country of their dreams. The revolution gave a huge hope to work all together to make Armenia a better place to live.