Juva Tour is a specialized inbound tour operator, born in 2013.
The company’s owner, Karen Kochinyan, after an English language degree and years of working in the tourism industry in Armenia, wanted to develop a new kind of tours: more clients oriented, closest to the Armenian culture, more respectful of the environment and the Armenian people.
Juva Tours is a small business and intends to stay this way: we want to take care of you as we would of our family.

What makes Armenia special to us:

Our team is Armenian born and raised and is passionate about its country.
To us, Armenia is not only made of the numerous historical monuments, the Yerevan’s architecture or the unseen wild landscapes, but also of its generous and warm people, its culinary art, and its worth-to-discover jazzmensculptorswriters or painters.
And this is what we want to share with you! If you were searching for an untypicalunique and memorable destination for yourself, as a couple or with your family, you are on the right page.
If you are still undecided, we believe some of our testimonials will be enlightening.

Our team’s skills:

All of our team members are academically trained and experienced in tourism and Armenian History and hold special language skills, in particular: fluent English, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, French and Japanese.


The right price:

What is the right price to you? To us, it would be for you to pay exactly what your tour is worth, no more, no less, meaning no exaggerate and useless commissions to intermediaries, but at the same time, a staff and providers who get paid fairly regarding the good job they do and who will be happy to do anything in their power to make YOU happy.
This is how our prices are calculated. No one, from our team members to all of our providers (hotels and guesthouses, restaurants or homemade meals, drivers and guides, typical fabrics owners…) gets unfairly paid. At the same time, we commit to fight against bribes and commissions, we try to negotiate the best deals we can with our providers under your name, and we do not make profit on the entrance tickets. This allow us to be 10% cheaper than the current tour operators for classic tours.

Customised tours:

Why are you coming to visit us? Certainly not to experience something common.
We know you are working all year for a few weeks of vacation and you want them to be meaningful and to suit your particular needs.
To us, you are unique; this is why we offer you, on top of our “classic” tours of Armenia:

  • Exceptional tours: from adventure to luxury, through culinary experiences, to archaeological tourism, we believe the unusual tours our team designed for you will live a lasting impression.
  • The option to design your own tour: our team will take into account your unique demands in a professional and timely manner to send you an offer.

A profitable and ethical company

Everyone can travel. This is why our website and our free guide book (to be download in word version here: coming soon) has been designed with the help of visually impaired people, to make sure all of our information will be accessible to everyone.

For its first year, and with its already made clients’ database, Juva Tours is seeking to make a 10% annual net profits, on which 1% will be spent on environmental programs. With our profits growing, we wish to increase this annual donation consistently.

All of our tours are respectful of the many beauties of the Armenian environment. Its lakes and mountains, its forests and caves are still almost untouched but deserve to be preserved and we trust our customers to behave in a respectful way.

To finish, we try to make all of our printed or created products responsible:
– Our free guide book is printed on recycled paper, with recycled ink cartridges,
– Our Armenian gift bracelets to our customers are handmade by villagers of Lori Region, Armenia (coming soon),
– We will kindly ask our customers to save paper and try not to print pages of our website. It is designed to be easily readable, and accessible to all, no need for printings.


Building trust takes time. As a first step, we want to offer you this English one-tour detailed guide book, on which all of our team worked to make it special:
– In PDF version (coming soon)
– In word accessible version (coming soon)


The Juva Tours team.